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Brain Mould


In your cerebral cortex right now, there are billions of neurons working like crazy so you exist. And the neat thing about these neurons is how we've hijacked a bunch of them into reading these words. Think of all the areas of your brain we are commandeering right now! Poop. We just made you read the word poop. We might also have caused memories and images of poop to plop through your brain. Whew, such power. To celebrate the power of our headiest of organs, we bring you these awesome Brain Freeze Moulds

Each mold makes 4 brains. 

You can use just about anything moldable into a brain. (Jelly, ice cream, ice, pudding, etc)


These are made of silicone, so there may a slight "smell" for lack of better terms, when it arrives. Just put the mould in cold water with vinegar overnight and this should alleviate that smell. 

Size: 16*15.5*3.5 cm

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