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Valentines Day - 10 Ideas Things Not To Give

Gift Ideas Safety First Stay In Love Valentines Day

There are multiple even thousands of sites that will show you what to and what not to give your special person for the lovers holiday. We have compiled what we feel are the best tips on what not to give for the holiday. After all, we need all the help we can get!!

Here ya go:

1) Gym Membership - This one really is something that needs to be given with the person there and definitely not as a gift. Nothing says LOVE like "Get your ass to the gym!"

2) Drug Store Jewelry - We understand that not every one can afford Tiffany Jewelry, but seriously..Do not buy jewelry from your local drug store. This is not ok. If you must purchase from the local pharmacy, get a card and some candy or something generic. BUT NOT JEWELRY!!!

3) Puppies, Kittens, and Bunnies, OH MY! - This should be the rule for all holidays. Animals are not gifts. They are commitments. If the person you are getting a pet for absolutely needs a pet, please for love of everything that is holy, wait until after the hype of the holiday is over. Sheesh people!

4) Self Help Books - Do people really do this? Not the time... NOT the time. 

5) Clothing/Lingerie - This one is hit or miss. Some people really like clothing and some partners know exactly what the other likes, style wise. This isn't for you. For everyone else, don't do it. If it's too large, well no one likes that. It its too small, way to make someone feel fat. Best just to avoid it all together. 

6) Text Message or Email - Please don't do this! At least make a phone call and speak to the person. Text messages are so impersonal and an email, well that's a text written in long form. 

7) Heart Keychain - NO!! Just no!!

8) Gift Basket - Men do not like these, and well.. Women don't either.  This is something you get your team at work because they were all nice to each other for the day. 

9) Love Coupons - This was cute when "Three's Company" was still around. (Google it) If you're in love, the things you would put on these coupons should be happening anyway. Not only because you have a "Love Coupon".  UGH!

10) Gag toilet paper "I Love The S**T out of you!" - We love unique gifts here at Distinct Kitchenware, but...yeah. Anything but this!


There you have it! Our top 10 suggestions on what not to give for Valentines Day!! Hope it helps!!

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